Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Review

Editor rating: 4/5

Star Wars fanatics rejoice! This Uncle Milton projector marries a love for science fiction with a dedication to real-world astronomy. Modeled after the famed Death Star, this projector is a collector's item worth putting on full display. However, it's also a practical tool that can turn a room in your home into an out-of-this-world race through space!

The Uncle Milton Death Star projector is catered to fans of the iconic space opera franchise. On its own, it's a gorgeous display piece. But how does it stack up as a star projector? Is it worth a buy? With this review, we're going to help you find out.


- LED light
- Film-based projections
- It comes with three image discs
- Projects over 10,000 stars
- Automatic image rotation
- Adjustable positioning
- Modelled  after the Death Star
- 6-foot USB cable
- About 5.5 inches wide, 5.5 inches long,
   and 7 inches tall
- It weighs only 1.37 pounds

Uncle Milton Death Star Projector Review

From the makers of The Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater, The Uncle Milton Death Star projector is undoubtedly a sight to behold. However, it has its shortcomings like any other projector on the market. To decide whether or not you should give this unit a shot, here's some of the most pertinent information about how it works and performs.

Ease Of Use

Let's start with one of the most overlooked factors to planetariums: Usability! Many modern-day galaxy lamps have tons of confusing control options that make turning the system on a nightmare. Luckily, that's not the case with this Uncle Milton device.

In fact, there's only a single button to worry about! The exterior design of this unit is one of its most significant selling points! It's a replica of the Death Star and features the same spherical shape and texture. A large control panel just wouldn't look good on this model. Uncle Milton wanted to make this system look great from all angles. So, the company hid the power button.

It's disguised as one of the exterior panels. Pressing it initiates the light show.

That's the only button you have to worry about finding. It's a super-simple device with no frills. While that does limit the controls a bit, it does make it fool-proof.

Features of The Death Star Projector

If you're a Star Wars fan, this projector is one of the coolest out there.

The projector utilizes ultra-bright LED technology. The light is super reflective and bounces around the inner dome for more intensity. Then, it travels through a plastic lens. Uncle Milton clearly pays attention to the finer details here. The lens takes the place of the Death Star's Superlaser, which is a cool touch!

To create the image on your walls a ceiling, the projector uses image discs. They are circular film disc that depicts specific scenes.

The first is an actual image of the night sky from earth. It has over 10,000 stars and includes many visible constellations. This disc is a fantastic choice if you want something realistic and true-to-life.

The second disc is of a galaxy. But it's not just any galaxy. It's the Star Wars galaxy! Enjoy its colorful details in all its sci-fi glory.

If you want something even more immersive, you'll love the final disc. It's a depiction of the infamous Battle of Yavin, which ultimately led to the destruction of the first Death Star. The fast-paced scene is recreated in full-color! You'll see several iconic spacecraft, such as the Tie Fighters. There are also some lasers and explosions to keep things exciting!


Despite the projector's pint-sized footprint, it performs surprisingly well. The LEDs are quite bright, bringing out the detail in the film projections.

Like any other projector, this unit works best in super-dark environments. Draw the curtain and turn off every light to get optimal results. However, the LED lights are bright enough to handle some modest light pollution. You should still be able to see the image even in rougher conditions.

We also appreciate the rotation feature. This projector doesn't give you a choice to turn the rotation on or off as you see fit. It's all automatic. But we're glad Uncle Milton included it at all! A rotating image better simulates the real-world stargazing experience.

What's In The Box

Before we get into what's inside the box, let's talk about the packaging itself. Uncle Milton did not spare a penny on this packaging! It's beautifully designed and worth showing off on its own.

It provides a stylized view of the projector in action. The image sits against a backdrop of outer space. Thanks to a couple of licensed images, there's no denying that this is a Star Wars-themed system.

It will look great on a shelf. Plus, it's perfect for gifting!

Now, onto the contents! The box includes the spherical projector, its stand, some safety information, a manual, and a USB cable. The USB cable is about six feet long, which is more than enough space to reach an adapter.

The downside, however, is that Uncle Milton didn't include a power adapter. You have to purchase one separately or use one you already have. Alternatively, you can use a power bank for portability or connect it to your computer. We wished Uncle Milton would have included one in the box, but it's not a dealbreaker.

Control & Functionality

Don't expect a ton of functionality here. The lack of controls is an asset in terms of usability. But if you want a versatile projector with lots of flexibility, you're not going to get that here.

There's a single button and nothing more.

The projector doesn't offer a way to dim the light, change colors, or control the rotation. There's not even a built-in timer. These features are standard on projectors nowadays, so it's a bit disappointing that Uncle Milton didn't include them here.


As a whole, the Uncle Milton Death Star projector is well-built. The spherical design stands out quite a bit. Pair that with all of the Death Star details, and you have a beautiful little galaxy lamp.

All that said, it's made of plastic. There aren't any visible metal components. As a result, this unit isn't going to survive rough conditions. However, it's not meant for all of that. This is a collector's piece that's made for indoor use only. It doesn't have any weather protection or rugged components. As long as you use it according to the instructions, you shouldn't need any of that anyways.

Customer Support

Uncle Milton never disappoints with its customer service. The brand's many decades in the business have resulted in a fine-tuned support department that's always ready and willing to help.

You can contact the team directly through email, the address of which you can find on the official Uncle Milton website. There's also an online contact form. If you prefer real-time conversations, there's also a telephone number. The team is available during standard business hours.

There doesn't seem to be any information about warranty policies available. The company may offer limited warranties included with each product, but that data is not available on the official website.

Uncle Milton Death Star Planetarium Review

There's good and bad with most star projectors. It's important to cover all bases and display the facts both positive and negative.


  • Super easy to use
  • Bright light
  • Vivid projection images
  • Licensed images
  • Unique spherical shape
  • Distinct Star Wars details
  • Captivating rotation feature
  • Display-ready design


  • Limited control and functionality
  • It doesn't come with a power adapter 


The Uncle Milton Death Star projector is a must-have for any Star Wars fan. But it's so much more than just a licensed toy. The gadget is a surprisingly effective planetarium-style projector. It generates breathtaking images that anyone can enjoy.

The unique Death Star design is just icing on the cake! While it does have its shortcomings, the vibrant images still take you to another world.

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