Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater Review

Editor rating: 4.5/5

Uncle Milton is no stranger to creating STEM-focused products that marry fun with education. From virtual reality technology to superhero-themed science kits, Uncle Milton has done it all! The 3D Star Theater is the brand's latest foray into the toy market, offering something notably galactic into the mix!

The Star Theater is a projector that can take your young one on a cosmic adventure in the comfort of their own room. Using film slides, it creates full-color images of the stars above, distant nebula, and more. It's a fun toy that can spark some imagination and bring the solar system to you!


Film-based projection
White LED lights
Eight full-color images
Comes with 3D glasses
Powered by AA batteries
Ages 8 and up
Measures 5.5 inches long, 5.7 inches wide, and 5.5 inches tall
Weighs roughly 1 pound

Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater

Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater Review

The Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater is a unique galaxy lamp. It caters to young kids, making otherwise complex technology accessible and easy to use. While it certainly has a lot going for it, the projector is not for everyone.

The product fits a specific niche in the market. If you're looking for a product within that sector, the Star Theater is the perfect buy! But if you prioritize performance and flexibility, you may need to look elsewhere.

In this review, we're going to take a closer look at what the Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater has to offer so that you can decide if it's right for you.

Ease of use

Let's start with one of the projector's strongest points: Its usability.

This device is built with young kids in mind. It says right on the box that it's for children as young as eight years old. As a result, every detail is carefully planned for simplicity. Uncle Milton did a fantastic job of making it as user-friendly as possible.

The simplicity starts with the assembly.

The projector comes in two primary components. You must connect the base and the projector unit before you start the light show. It's a pretty straightforward process. But to make matters even more manageable, Uncle Milton included some assembly graphics that are so simple even a young kid can understand them!

The ease of use doesn't stop there.

Once you get everything up and running, controlling the galaxy light is as easy as pressing a few buttons. This isn't an overly complicated device with tons of performance options. There's not even a dedicated control panel or remote control.

That may be a bummer for some, as it means that the system is limited. We'll get into that a bit later. However, the simplicity is what makes the Star Theater so great. You have only a handful of control knobs. Once your kids know what the various buttons do, they can learn and play on their own time!


Now, let's talk about features. As you can probably guess from the previous section, the Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater is not the most feature-rich projector out there. To be frank, it can be quite limiting to those who are looking for something more robust and versatile.

But, you have to remember who this projector is made for. Kids can have hours of fun despite the limitations.

The Star Theater is housing an internal light that shines through colored film slides. It operates on the same principles as old-school projectors you saw in grade school. As the light travels through the film, it carries the colorful image with it, splashing it onto a nearby wall. It stretches the image, allowing you to enjoy the details in all their galactic glory!

In total, you're getting eight different images. We wished that Uncle Milton would have included more. At the very least, it would have been nice if the slides were removable so that you could purchase more later. Unfortunately, the eight images are the only ones you can use.

Swapping through the images is a breeze. There's a small image dial on the side to cycle through the slides.

The images feature depictions of the starry night sky, constellations, planets, and more. The cool thing about those projected images is that they're not just flat. They come to life with the included 3D glasses!

Every projector comes with a pair of 3D glasses that make the images look real and present. The technology is pretty rudimentary, so don't expect cinema-level effects here. But to a young child who may be unfamiliar with the concept of three-dimensional projections, it's incredible!

The 3D features are something that sets this projector apart from the competition. Not too many planetarium-style lights have it.


Overall, the performance is decent.

The Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater is not a premium machine. It's not capable of creating crystal-clear pictures.

The light isn't as powerful as we would have liked. To appreciate the constellations, you must have a nearly pitch-black room. If there's even a little light pollution flooding in, the projections may look dull and dim.

The Star Theater does have a small focus dial. It surrounds the lens and provides a bit of adjustability. However, the focusing capabilities aren't much to write home about. The same can be said about the optics system as a whole.

Uncle Milton didn't utilize premium glass lenses. It's all plastic, so the performance capabilities reflect that.

The projector does a fine job in the right conditions. Chances are, your child won't mind too much as long as they can still see the 3D projections.

What's In The Box

We love the packing for the 3D Star Theater! This gadget is part of Uncle Milton's "Ever Wonder?" line. It's the brand's science-themed toys that have a naturally exploratory vibe to them. The box is beautifully designed and perfectly represents what the projector is all about. It's an excellent box for gifting!

As for the contents, Uncle Milton keeps things simple. As mentioned earlier, the projector comes in two parts that you have to assemble. You'll find the base and the projector itself neatly packaged inside some protective materials.

You'll also find the 3D glasses, a small instruction manual, and a poster.

The poster is a nice freebie that will help your child learn even more. It depicts the constellations they see on the projected images. However, it includes little tidbits of information covering their meaning, formation, and mythological stories.

One thing you won't find in the box is an AC adapter. This unit is battery-powered, using four AA batteries. Unfortunately, they're not included either. So, you'll need to remember to pick some up before you start using the system!

Controls & Functionality

The Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater has limited functionality. It's a bit of a tradeoff that you have to consider. Would you rather have a kid-friendly design that's easy to use? Or would you like a complicated unit with tons of confusing extras?

The Star Theater doesn't have much functionality. Aside from the dial that changes the images, you have no control over the experience. You cannot adjust the brightness level or change the colors. There's not even an interactive option that rotates the image for realism. Uncle Milton didn't even include an automatic shutoff timer.

Those features eliminate convenience. The gadget functions as it should. But without those features, it can't reach the upper echelons of projector greatness.


Plastic is the name of the game with the Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater. Nearly every visible part is made out of plastic! You'll find it on everything from the lens to the housing.

Clearly, the Star Theater is not meant for rough environments. It simply cannot hold up well to outdoor use. If you want to keep this device in good shape, keep it inside a climate-controlled room at all times!

That said, the plastic is durable enough to withstand some light wear and tear. It is made for kids, after all! Uncle Milton utilized a plastic material that's durable enough to hold up well against everyday child use, which is far more than some other projectors can say.

Customer Service & Guarantee

As an established company, Uncle Milton has had time to develop a solid customer support department. We're happy to say that getting assistance is relatively easy.

You can contact the team through email. There's also a direct contact form on the Uncle Milton website. If you want to speak to a person in real-time, you can also use the telephone number. The customer support team is available during standard business hours five days a week.

The Star Theater projector is also available from marketplace websites like Amazon. There, the team will respond to questions and assist the seller communication system.

Unfortunately, Uncle Milton doesn't have a ton of information about any available warranty policies or guarantees. The company makes product manuals readily available on the website. But for now, it doesn't seem like the company has any concrete warranty programs in place. As a result, your only option may be to use the standard return policy if something goes awry.

Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater Pros & Cons

There's good and bad with most star projectors. It's important to cover all bases and display the facts both positive and negative.


  • Easy to use
  • Educational
  • Three-dimensional viewing
  • Includes multiple images
  • Kid-friendly design
  • Portable
  • Adjustable focus  


  • No brightness or color adjustments
  • Limited features
  • Can't swap out image slides
  • Not the brightest
  • Subpar image quality  


The Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater system is an exciting gadget for the right people. If you have a budding astronaut who wants to learn more about the stars and galaxies above, give it a try! It's a fantastic educational tool for kids that can instill a love of astronomy at an early age. Plus, it's easy and fun to use.

Adults may not get the most out of it, though. The projector is limited and doesn't have the full features as some other models on the market. It all depends on how you plan to use it. The Star Theater does what it's supposed to and helps kids have fun as they learn. At the end of the day, that's one of the most important things for young ones!

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