Merece 3 in 1 Galaxy Night Light Projector – Review

The galaxy night light projector from Merece is so much more than a single-purpose machine. While its main draw is its impressive light show, that's not all it can do. In addition to filling a room with beautiful cosmic light, it can transform the ambiance with sound! The three-in-one device has several standout features that will turn any drab space into a whimsical wonder.

Whether you're looking to create a tranquil space of meditation or a room with more energetic vibes for a party, the Merece projector has the stuff to make it happen! But how does this galaxy night light stack up to others on the market? There's no doubt that it has some universal appeal, but is it worth the buy? In this review, we'll evaluate its many features to help you find out!


Multi-colored LED lights
Dome-based projection
Adjustable rotation
White noise generator
Bluetooth speaker
Integrated timer
Wireless remote control
About 6.7 inches wide, 4.1 inches long, and 3.9 inches tall
Approximate weight of 15.2 ounces

Merece 3 in 1 Galaxy Night Light Projector – Review

At face value, the Merece projector is pretty enticing. But like any other galaxy-themed light machine, this one has its shortcomings. Read on to see what we think about what this machine has to offer.

Ease Of Use

Let's begin with the overall usability of this light projector. Turning on a lights show might seem simple enough, but you'd be surprised by how complicated some devices can be! Fortunately, that's not the case with this model.

Using the projector is a pretty straightforward process. The entire thing is corded, so getting power is as easy as plugging it in! Now, Merece does not include a power adapter. It comes with a lengthy low-voltage USB cable, but you'll need to supply the five-volt adapter yourself. Usually, we'd mark off points for not including everything you need in the box. However, five-volt power adapters are so cheap and readily available that many device manufacturers don't bother to add them anymore.

Once you're all set up, you can start the show by using the onboard buttons. Five physical buttons on the base control various features. We'll get into the specifics of that later. For now, the main takeaway is that you don't need to dive too deep into the instruction manual to figure things out. The button layout is pretty self-explanatory thanks to the engraved symbols.

If you prefer to take control from afar, the Merece projector also comes with a remote controller. The remote is a bit more robust, allowing you to fine-tune the settings from across the room.

Overall, the Merece light projector is easy to figure out and use. Its design simplicity is one of its strongest assets. While the device is a bit more complicated than kid-focused models, it's still relatively fool-proof.


When it comes to features, this projector doesn't disappoint. As mentioned earlier, it's a three-in-one machine that combines visual and audio elements into one. We'll dive deeper into the audio components a little later in this review.

The main star of the show is, undoubtedly, the lighting system. Unlike other popular projectors on the market, you're not going to find any laser diodes or high-powered lights here. Merece keeps things simple, opting for LED lights instead of pricy arrays.

Make no mistake: The LEDs are plenty powerful. You're getting four quad-pixel LEDs. Each quad-pixel LED has red, green, blue, and white diodes. Together those diodes can create a vast spectrum of colors! The projector lets you cycle through them all or create multi-colored shows.

That's not all. This projector doesn't focus on realism. Instead, it takes some creative license to display colorful galaxies. To create the unique cloudy effect, this model utilizes a plastic dome. The dome is multi-faceted, forcing light to bounce around the room in erratic patterns. The final result is an otherworldly effect. Depending on the colors, it can look like you're soaring through a distant nebula, swimming underwater, or floating through an ethereal landscape!

There are many ways to adjust the show to your liking. The dome rotates to influence the energy of the show. Meanwhile, the color and brightness settings let you control how subtle or in-your-face the display is.


At this price point, the Merece light projector performs surprisingly well. Usually, affordable projectors lack the power to make much of an impact. Unless you're using them in pitch-black rooms, the lights often go unnoticed.

This projector performs well in most lighting conditions. It's not the most blinding out there, but it's certainly serviceable for most.

One of the best performance features you have available to you is the adjustable brightness. With a press of a button, you can choose between 13 different levels of brightness!

The most high-powered setting will create vivid colors and dancing lights you can't miss. However, lower settings are suitable for a more subtle effect. The softer lights are great for kids' bedrooms, as they're just visible enough to induce some whimsical dreams without keeping young ones awake all night.

We weren't expecting much in terms of performance or flexibility for a projector at this price point. The fact that you get so much makes the Merece galaxy night light a very enticing buy!

What's In The Box?

The packaging for this galaxy night light projector is nothing to write home about. It's pretty simple and serves its purpose. There's ample filler inside to keep the device safe in transit. But beyond that, there's not much to it.

Opening up the box reveals the projector itself, a power cable, and some basic paperwork.

As mentioned earlier, this unit uses a USB-based power cable. It's low-voltage and relies on a five-watt power adapter to run. Merece doesn't include the power adapter, so that's a separate purchase you'll need to take into account. If you're like most, however, you may already have a spare adapter lying around somewhere!

The projector works with most. If you're unsure, make sure to read the instruction manual. The last thing you want to do is cause damage by using an over-powered adapter!

The good news is that the absence of a dedicated power supply does open things up a bit in terms of placement and use. You can plug it into a computer to create a light show at your desk. As long as you're getting compatible accessories, you may also plug the device into a power bank for portability. The choice is yours!

Controls & Functionality

One of the things we like most about this projector is its flexibility. There are several ways to customize the lights as you see fit.

The LED lights can create a total of 10 colors. On top of that, the projector has 13 levels of brightness, three rotation speeds, and event-focused lighting themes. Several of the preprogrammed settings are great for setting up a quick ambiance. For example, you can choose a mode for sleeping, partying, and more. There's even a mode to create moving lights that respond to the music!

The device also has a timer function. Let the lights splash across your room all night, or set the timer to save power after you or your young one drifts to sleep.

All of the settings are easy to control with the onboard buttons or the remote. For the most versatility, we recommend using the remote. It has 22 buttons that correspond to the various adjustable parameters. The remote even lets you change songs or adjust the speaker volume on the fly.

Everything is clearly labeled for simplicity, which is a huge plus!

Sound Quality

Now, let's move onto the two other core features of this night light projector.

The first is the built-in white noise machine. White noise is a fantastic sleep aid. The sounds are calming and relatively non-descript. You can quickly identify what the sounds are. However, they're not so overbearing that they will keep you awake at night. In fact, white noise does quite the opposite!

The built-in noise generator can play five different sounds. These include calming crickets, a thunderstorm, the sounds of the ocean, a running air fan, and flowing water. Cycle through the sounds, and choose one that'll help you reach the state of nirvana you so desperately seek.

If you prefer something a little more lively, you can connect your own music supply. The projector has Bluetooth connectivity built right it! Pair your smartphone and stream your music collection wirelessly!

The speaker will play just about anything. Stream from your favorite music services, enjoy your private digital collection, and more. This device doesn't discriminate. As long as it's coming through your smartphone or tablet, it'll play it! That includes movies and games, too.

The music playback feature is simple and to the point. The only extra feature you're getting is the responsive light mode. Once initiated, the lights will move to the rhythm of the music, which is perfect for social gatherings! You can use the projector as an all-in-one party machine!


All in all, Merece did a decent job of creating a durable device that can stand the test of time.

The core design is unique compared to other projectors. It has a large, sturdy base and a moving dome light on top. The base houses the speaker and all the high-tech elements. Meanwhile, the dome houses the LED lights to create the show.

Most of the parts are basic plastic. It's not the most durable machine on the market, so don't expect it to survive hard crashes. The exposed plastic dome is particularly sensitive to damage.

That said, the machine is well-built and should be durable enough to serve you for years with proper care.

Customer Service & Guarantees

Unfortunately, this is where the Merece night light falters a bit.

Merece is not a well-known brand. To make matters worse, there's not a lot of information regarding customer service or warranties. Merece doesn't seem to have an official website or customer support line.

Luckily, some support information is available in the information pamphlet that comes with the projector. The customer support team seems to be quite responsive to those who have issues. They even respond to questions through Amazon, which is always a good sign.

We would have liked it if Merece was a little more transparent about warranty information and support. But, we're glad to see that the company still supports the product after purchase.

Merece 3 in 1 Galaxy Night Light Projector Pros & Cons

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  • Very easy to use
  • Versatile performance options
  • Bright LED lights
  • Adjustable brightness and color display
  • Quick Bluetooth connection
  • Soothing white noise generator
  • Study build
  • Convenient wireless remote
  • Built-in timer


  • It doesn't come with a power adapter
  • Information about warranty and customer support isn't clear


The three-in-one galaxy night light from Merece is different from most projectors on the market. It's a versatile device that can serve you well in many situations. From relaxing nights in to high-energy social gatherings, it'll serve you well. The light display is gorgeous and the Bluetooth speaker provides tons of functionality.

The Merece light is not perfect by any means. But if you're looking for an affordable, multi-purpose light, this one might fit the bill!

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