Delicasy Ocean Wave Review

Editor rating: 4/5

The Delicasy Ocean Wave projector is a unique alternative to traditional star lamps. While it still works to create an otherworldly environment, this unit focuses on generating an underwater look.

Rippling lights mimic the dancing surface of ocean waves. Meanwhile, lights of deep blue, purple, and pink replicate the mystery and wonder underwater worlds provide. With some of the brighter color options, you can even simulate a journey through the cosmos!

So, is this unique projector light from Delicasy right for you? With this review, we aim to help you find out!


12 LED lights
Seven color modes
Built-in speaker
3.5mm audio jack and speaker
Card reader
White noise sounds
Automatic timer
Remote control
About 5.7 inches tall and 5.7 inches wide
Weighs less than a pound
Uses USB power or AA batteries

Delicasy Ocean Wave Review

The Ocean Wave Projector from Delicasy has a lot to offer. It's well-reviewed, and many owners seem to enjoy it! But like any other product, it's not going to suit everyone's needs. This unit has some shortcomings that you need to consider before you make the purchase. To help you decide if this light is the right investment for you, we're going to take a look at everything it has to offer.

Ease of use

First things first, let's look into how this machine functions.

Overall, the Ocean Wave projector is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. On the unit itself, you'll find a handful of buttons. Those buttons turn the unit on, control media playback, and adjust the volume of your music.

The buttons are touch-sensitive. This feature doesn't have a huge impact on its ease of use, but it's a nice premium touch that many appreciate. Plus, kids can have some fun with it while they learn how to use the system.

Speaking of which, the Delicasy projector is very kid-friendly. The control panel is pretty limited, which removes a lot of the complexity.

There is, however, an included remote. The remote will provide you with most of your control options. There, you can adjust several performance aspects as well as some music playback features.

Here's where we have a small issue with the Delicasy Ocean Wave projector. While we appreciate the simplistic control panel on the machine's base, we don't love the limited control features. If you want to fine-tune the settings and get things just right, you have to turn to the remote. That's a bit of a bummer considering how small and compact the remote is. What if you lose it?

It would have been nice if Delicasy offered more onboard controls.


When you compare the Delicasy Ocean Wave projector to other scene-stealing lighting systems, you're getting a lot of bang for your buck. Delicacy packed some great features into this desktop light!

The most noteworthy feature is the media player. We'll get into the sound quality and audio details a bit later. But from a technical standpoint, the media player is a nice feature to have. It's simplistic, clean, and super easy to use.

Take a look at the back of the projector, and you'll find a 3.5mm jack and a flashcard slot. With the included audio cable, you can connect your smartphone or MP3 player. Your tunes will pump through the Ocean Wave projector's integrated speakers, adding a new element to your light show! If you don't want to be tied down, you can also load up your music onto a flashcard and plug it in.

Now, the Delicacy Ocean Wave projector isn't a smart speaker. It doesn't have any Bluetooth connectivity or anything fancy like that. The lack of Bluetooth technology is another negative point for this device. It seems like everything has a Bluetooth chip in it nowadays! Wireless streaming is the way of the future, after all. Leaving that out of this light system seems like a missed opportunity!


Let's take a look at the light performance. Despite the convenient speaker and music connection system, the Delicasy Ocean Wave is primarily marketed as a light projector. So, how does it stack up against some other systems on the market?

Well, Delicasy doesn't disappoint! The central light system utilizes 12 LED lights. Flashing a spectrum of colors, the lights work to create seven different scenes. Each light sits beneath a clear plastic dome.

It's the dome that gives the projector its character! It's not a smooth lens-style dome. Instead, it features subtle textures that provide the lights with their signature rippling effect. The final result is nothing short of awe-inspiring!

Overall, the performance of the projector is reliable. It doesn't seem to be prone to any significant issues. It takes less than a minute to fire up and can perform well for several hours.

The image is calming and serene. It's like you're drifting below the surface of the ocean! The light is an excellent option for both kids and adults alike.

For kids, it makes for a fantastic night light. Turn the unit on and take advantage of the timer! Your young one will drift off to dreamland in no time. The same goes for adults. You can also use it in a game room or home theater. There, the light creates a calming ambiance for relaxation and "vibing out."

What's In The Box?

The projector's box is pretty standard fare. It's slightly larger than the unit itself. We're happy to say that it's well-designed, too. If you plan on giving the projector as a gift, you won't have to put the contents in a separate container.

Inside, you'll find the projector itself and a couple of accessories. The first is the remote control. You also get a USB cable, an audio cable, and a small instruction manual to get you started.

It's important to note that you do not get a power supply. This is another point off for the Delicasy Ocean Wave projector. All you get is a USB cable. You can connect it to your computer, a power bank, or a power adapter you already own. It's a shame that Delicasy doesn't throw one in the box.

The good news is that you can also choose to use batteries. The projector takes four AA batteries. They are not included, so you'll need to buy them separately. However, we do like that Delicasy gives you a couple of options to power the light.

Controls & Functionality

All in all, the control system for the Ocean Wave projector is pretty straightforward. You can utilize the touch-sensitive buttons on the front of the unit or the remote control. As mentioned earlier, the remote control will give you more adjustment options.

This isn't the most feature-rich light out there. The 12 LED lights give you plenty of color options and modes to choose from. The projector also has an optional motion feature. Once initiated, the lights will rotate to create some subtle movement in the projected image. It's a nice touch that adds another layer of realism.

Another function we appreciate is the timer. You can set it and forget it! The timer will kick into gear to cut the power and save electricity. The best part is that you can choose between three different time intervals. The default is one hour. But if you want to enjoy the light show even longer, you can bump that up to four hours or 24 hours. There's also the option to turn the timer off completely for round-the-clock use.

Sound Quality

Let's talk a bit about sound quality.

While the Delicasy Ocean Wave projector has a built-in media player, don't expect premium sound. The unit is small! There's no room for high-quality drivers that can fill a space with sound.

It's a good choice if you're looking to listen to some music as you fall asleep. The speaker also works well at moderate volume levels.

But the moment you pump up the volume to the max, you may experience some issues. The audio quality will dip, resulting in thin and tinny sound. Some say that they experience scratching and sound distortion, too.

The speaker performs fine at lower volumes, but it's not going to replace a full-fledged sound system!

Another cool audio feature is the built-in white noise. You don't have to plug a device in to throw audio into the mix! You're getting four different mediation-focused sounds. They include the sounds of ocean waves, birds, forest insects, and nature-themed sounds.

All the clips are calming and complement the light show perfectly.


The durability of this machine doesn't disappoint. It's solidly made and has a robust base.

The bottom is stable and features some flexible positioning features. You can rotate the top portion about 45 degrees in either direction, which lets you splash the image on the surface of your choosing.

The Delicasy Ocean Wave projector is an indoor-only device. It's made of plastic and doesn't have any form of water protection. You will experience problems if you try to use it outside. But if you use it in a dry indoor area as intended, it should serve you well for years to come.

Customer Service & Guarantee

Unfortunately, Delicasy's customer support capabilities seem to be up in the air.

The brand doesn't appear to have its own website or dedicated customer support contacts. We couldn't find an email address or phone number to call.

That said, the brand is active on marketplace sites like Amazon. Representatives have answered questions and assisted that platform. It would have been nice to have some more transparent warranty information and an easier way to contact customer support. But we appreciate that the brand communicates with customers in some form.

Delicasy Ocean Wave Pros & Cons

There's good and bad with most star projectors. It's important to cover all bases and display the facts both positive and negative.


  • Easy to use
  • Decent audio playback
  • Multiple power options
  • Gorgeous light effects
  • Adjustable performance parameters
  • Compact size
  • Versatile placement and positioning  


  • Not as customizable as other options
  • Built-in speakers aren't the best  


If you're a fan of all things ocean-themed, the Delicasy Ocean Wave projector is a must-have. Sure, it has some shortcomings. We would like to see future iterations of this machine with more color options, a better speaker, and a way to connect audio devices wirelessly.

However, those issues aren't a deal-breaker! The light itself is top-notch, delivering a unique show that can transform any space.

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