Blisslights Ark Lite Review

Editor rating: 4.5/5

The BlissLights Ark Lite is a beautifully designed galaxy light that can take you on a journey through space without even leaving your home. It uses the power of light to transform any space, creating awe-inspiring images that take you on a trek through the cosmos!

BlissLights is no stranger to producing high-quality lighting equipment. The brand specializes in decorative lighting and is a trusted provider for commercial venues. The Ark Lite is one of BlissLight's most popular products, tapping into the ever-growing galaxy light market.

In this review, we're going to see how this light projector performs so that you can decide if it's the right choice for you.


- Blue and green color elements
- Dual projections
- Moving images
- Laser diode technology
- Adjustable brightness
- Adjustable positioning
- Automatic shutoff timer
- Roughly 9..29 inches long by7.84 inches tall
- Weighs 1.28 pounds

The Blisslight Arc Lite Review

The Blisslight Ark Lite has a lot to offer in terms of features and performance. But, it does have some shortcomings that may influence your decision. To see just what this projector has to offer, we're going to look into some of the most critical factors you should consider.

Ease of use

First things first, how easy is it to use? Star night lights shouldn't be overly complicated to use. Unfortunately, some brands didn't get that memo! Some of Ark Lite's competitors have way too many control options, resulting in a messy control panel that takes some reading to understand fully.

Luckily, that's not the case with BlissLights. The Ark Lite has a straightforward control scheme that anyone can figure out. Even kids can take control of the system!

The side of the unit has only three buttons. One button turns it on and controls lighting effects. The other two manipulate brightness levels and image rotation.

That's it! The control panel is intuitive and easy to use straight out of the box.

The only downside is the lack of wireless control. The Ark Lite does not come with a remote, which is a real bummer considering that many galaxy lights do. It's a bit of a minor convenience that could ruin your relaxation session. However, it's not a deal-breaker.

The unit does have some automatic functionality. As a result, there's very little you'll need to do once you choose your desired settings. We'll get into that soon.


So, what kinds of features does this compact tabletop light have? Overall, the lighting features are pretty simple. Don't expect to get a ton of flexibility like you would with a more complex system.

In fact, this model is quite limited compared to others on the market. Most lamps have a few different colors that you can cycle through. That's not the case with the Ark Lite. You only have two colored lights. Furthermore, you can't change them or choose to only use one.

The good news, however, is that the two lighting components are innovative and high-tech. One light features blue LEDs and a crystal-clear glass lens. The lens is domed, widening the image and creating gorgeous reflections that bounce throughout the room. This feature acts as the base image for the projection. It's a soft blue cloud that mimics a gas nebula or dust cloud.

The second lighting element is a direct diode laser. Here's what makes the Ark Lite unique. The laser diode doesn't create sporadic dots to simulate stars like other projectors. Instead, it generates warped lines. The lines are random, resulting in natural curves that look stunning! It closely resembles an aurora effect, which is not something you see too often in galaxy lights.

The two elements work together to create a calming scene that instantly changes the vibe in whatever room the projector is in.


The BlissLights Ark projector is a versatile little system that performs well in most applications. The colors are vibrant, and the projected images are quite unique compared to the basic clouds of color you see with other units.

Overall, it's an adaptable light that works well in a wide variety of applications. With more subdued settings, you can utilize it in your bedroom or in a kid's room. The soft light can create a sense of calm and help anyone drift off to sleep.

If you need something to create a specific vibe, the Ark Lite can do that, too! Create a "chill space" in your game room or home theater. The lights are captivating enough to make the room fun yet neutral enough to not take over. Add it to gathering space and turn on some music! The lights are the perfect addition to any party.

All that said, the light does have some notable shortcomings. We wish that it had a little more performance flexibility. As it stands, the Ark Lite doesn't have many adjustment options. You can control the movement of the laser diode lights. They naturally fade in and fade out. Throw in some slow rotation, and you have a realistic-looking galactic scene.

Unfortunately, that's the only bit of adjustability you have. There's no way to change the colors or get a significantly different light show. It's all pretty much the standard fare. While it's beautiful, the same-old look may get a bit boring after a while.

What's In The Box?

There's not much to say about the packaging for the BlissLights Ark Lite. You do get a nice-looking box, which is excellent for gifting. But inside, things are pretty simple.

Open it up, and you'll find the Ark Lite unit, a USB cord, and a wall adapter. Dig through the protective cardboard, and you'll also find a small instruction manual with safety information and a quick-start guide.

One thing we appreciate about this light is its use of USB power. Technically speaking, you could connect the light to a desktop computer. Though, we recommend using the included power brick. The adapter works with both 120-volt and 240-volt outlets. So, you can use it pretty much anywhere.

Controls & Functionality

Earlier, we talked a little bit about the light's limited customization features. You have the option to switch between a handful of light shows and choose the desired brightness level. There's also a dedicated button to turn the laser rotation on or off.

All of those buttons are on the side of the unit for easy access and control. One functional feature you won't find a button for, however, is the automatic timer.

The Ark Lite has a 6-hour timer that turns on every single time you start a light show. You don't have to worry about setting it. The clock starts ticking once you turn it on!

This feature has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it ensures that you never forget to turn it off. Even if you doze off and fall asleep, the light will turn off to prevent accidental damage or overheating.

However, that automatic functionality restricts how you can use this light. There's no way to choose a shorter or longer timer. If you plan on using it during an overnight get-together, you'll need to turn it back on at some point.

Furthermore, the timer puts a damper on any smart home integration possibilities. You must press a physical button to turn the unit on. When you consider the automatic shutoff feature, there's no way to get the system to work with smart plugs or automatic switches.

It would have been nice if BlissLights opened things up a bit and provided a little more flexibility.

Sound Quality

The BlissLights Ark Lite does not have any audio features. It doesn't have any wireless speakers to stream music or sound effects.

The unit is pretty quiet. It's perfect for nighttime use, as the lack of significant noise won't keep you up at night.

The projector can start to make some unsettling noises after a while. Some owners have reported this issue. Typically, it's caused by faulty operation and damage. If the light is in good condition, it should be virtually silent.


Overall, the durability of the Ark Lite is impressive. It's made for indoor use, so the bar is pretty low here! Don't expect to use it outside. The plastic housing isn't made for that kind of wear and tear.

However, it is durable enough last for years of normal use. The projector is designed well and seems to be made of high-quality materials.

BlissLight paid special attention to the base. The projector looks like a wedge that sits in an arc-like base.

The base is sporting some rubber feet for stability on a table or floor. Not only that, but it's conducive to fine-tune adjustments. The projector slides on the base, allowing you to move the projection as you see fit. Slide it to point the lasers upward, or slide it all the way back to face the opposing wall.

The little design quirk might not seem like a huge deal. But, it's a nice touch that provides a little more flexibility in your placement options.

Customer Service & Guarantee

BlissLight is an established company with a solid reputation among customers.

Customer support specialists are responsive on marketplace sites like Amazon. You can ask questions or inquire about an order. They usually respond promptly.

The company also has a dedicated customer support email and telephone number. This information is on the official BlissLights website.

Taking a look through the site, you can tell that BlissLight truly believes in its products. The Ark Lite, plus all of the other BlissLight products, come with a one-year limited warranty. BlissLight guarantees that the projector will work without defects for at least a year after purchase. If an issue arises, the company may replace the unit at no cost to you.

Of course, there are stipulations and terms to be wary of. You can check out the warranty details and the brand's refund policy on the website.

Blisslight Arc Lite Pros & Cons

There's good and bad with most star projectors. It's important to cover all bases and display the facts both positive and negative.


  • Very easy to use and position
  • Modern arc design
  • Unique laser diode projections
  • Vibrant lights
  • Adjustable brightness and performance parameters
  • Automatically turns off 


  • Limited colors
  • No remote control  


The BlissLights Ark Lite has a lot going for it! Compared to other galaxy lights on the market, it creates a select show with some unique lighting elements.

While it's not as versatile or full-featured as some of its competitors, the Ark Lite is a worthy choice that can add some calming energy to any room.

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