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Star Projectors have a number of different uses and benefits, from helping to relieve stress and anxiety to soothing children to a peaceful nights sleep. We want to showcase the best there is when it comes to Star Projectors and give you the information to make the best informed choice. We buy and test all the star projectors that we review here on, so you can buy right the first time.

Latest Star Projector Reviews

We have detailed reviews on all the latest and best star projectors to hit the market. 

Blisslights Sky Lite

BlissLights Sky Lite offers an easy way to enjoy the beauty of the cosmos from your very own home. So much more than a simple lamp, beautifully designed nebula cloud and rotating stars..

Encalife Atmosphere Star Projector

If you're looking for a professional-quality lighting system to transform your home, look no further than the Encalife Atmosphere. This smart star projector is full to the brim of features!

Encalife Ambience Star Projector

You'd be hard-pressed to find many galaxy lights that have a built-in speaker. That alone is enough to make the system worth trying out. The unique lights show is just icing on the cake!

Delicasy Ocean Wave

The Delicasy Ocean Wave projector is a unique alternative to traditional star lamps. While it still works to create an otherworldly environment, this unit focuses on generating an underwater look.

Uncle Milton 3D Star Theater

The 3D Uncle Milton Star Theater is the brand's latest foray into the toy market, offering something notably galactic into the mix! See what we think of this projector.

Smithsonian Planetarium

The Smithsonian Planetarium is a wonderful projector for kids. This projector is a STEM-focused toy that's designed to educate young kids at an early age.

YSD Star Projector

The YSD night light star projector is a pint-sized machine that's capable of blasting a playful image onto your ceilings and walls.

The SOAIY Aurora projector is a unique take on the ever-popular galaxy light. Most lamps on the market today produce a similar image. 

Uncle Milton Death Star Projector

Experience the Star Wars galaxy & Earth’s night sky up close as they come to life in crystal-clear, high res on your walls & ceiling!

Blisslights Arc Lite

The BlissLights Ark Lite is a beautifully designed galaxy light that can take you on a journey through space without even leaving your home. 

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

A delightful star projector for kids, the Discovery Kids Planetarium has been a best seller on Amazon for years. 

Yachance Galaxy Projector

Whether you're looking for a light to lull you to sleep or one that can create fun vibes during a party, the Yachance galaxy projector has it all.

Homestar Flux

Homestar Flux is a new projector in the Homestar planetarium range from SEGA toys. Is it any good? Is it worth the extra money? 

Homestar Original

The Homestar Classic is a beautifully designed planetarium from the SEGA toys brand. Take a closer look at what this projector has to offer.

Homestar Original Vs Flux

We put the Homestar Original up against the newer model, Homestar Flux. See which one came out on top and the one you should buy.